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Purchasing Solutions International, Inc (PSI) is a full-service provider of sourcing, budgeting, purchasing, warehousing and installation coordination for hospitality, healthcare and other developments. While procurement is the main focus, PSI is initially hired by many clients in an advisory role. This allows the opportunity to provide clients with numerous cost-saving options throughout a project?s various development stages.

With experience in working with clients and their architects and general contractors, PSI has found that a number of areas of a development tend to be deemed not important to the initial design and development stages.
Our services are offered to the contract industry on a fixed-fee basis or customized to meet the needs of your project with either a percentage fee or fixed-fee plus realized savings compensation. Our goal is to complete every project with the design integrity that you develop or desire. Our knowledge of the unique requirements of the hospitality industry, assists us and you in making sure that your design ideas meet all applicable codes and bulletins.

Not only do we provide you with the options for your individual projects, but we work with numerous manufacturers and fabricators to develop furnishings that meet your design needs and budget requirements.


Current Projects
Fearing Rattlesake Bar Ritz Carton Dallas Texas
Suite Frenchman's Reef - St. Thomas Virgin Islands
Lobby - The House Dallas Texas
Pool Deck - The House Dallas Texas.png
Meeting Room - Ventana Inn and Spa