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I am a financial advisor to individuals who, among other things, aspire to a work-optional lifestyle and to ensure their independence and dignity throughout their life.

It is my desire to offer the sense of peace, security and dignity that successful financial strategies and investing can provide. I am committed to inspiring my clients to take control of their finances so they can maximize their happiness, freedom and purpose.

Clients often choose to work with me because of my disciplined process. I understand that as my clients' lives unfold, their needs change. We are there to put all of the pieces of that puzzle together, focusing on what we can control - the set of the sail, rather than the direction of the wind. They find confidence in knowing we use a rigorous procedure for choosing investments and aim to minimize risk.

I enjoy building close relationships with my clients, many of which span decades and generations. Whether it's getting a call to share happy news or to serve as a shoulder to lean on during difficult times in life, the relationship is my favorite part of what I do.

I have served the firm as a visiting veteran and field trainer for new financial advisors and continue to serve as the recruiting leader for the Dallas region. I am also an active member of the LGBT & Allies BRG.


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