CCRM Fertility (Dallas-Fort Worth)

CCRM Fertility (Dallas-Fort Worth)


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Finding the right fertility doctor is not always an easy task when you are looking for a fertility clinic in Dallas-Fort Worth that can accommodate your needs. Same-sex and transgender couples face unique fertility circumstances, and often must choose from a wide array of reproductive options. The doctors at CCRM have a great deal of experience with different fertility issues and we feel confident that we can find a solution that will be best for you. CCRM Dallas-Fort Worth, led by Dr. Dorette Noorhasan, is dedicated to providing patients with industry-leading quality patient care and outcomes and is proud to help gay, lesbian and transgender individuals and couples create the family of their dreams. The facility houses an all-inclusive fertility treatment center with a dedicated on-site physician team, IVF laboratory, procedures area, and comprehensive diagnostic services. All preimplantation genetic testing is performed by CCRM Genetics Lab.

Founded by Dr. William Schoolcraft in 1987, CCRM (Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine) Fertility is the nation’s leader in fertility care and research. Unlike many other fertility clinics that outsource their specialists and testing needs, CCRM Fertility leverages its own data, as well as a dedicated team of in-house reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists and geneticists in order to deliver industry leading outcomes. More than 100,000 babies have been born through fertility treatments at CCRM.


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